Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Luxury Safari Holiday in India

A luxury safari holiday in India is a unique choice for anyone who is looking for a romantic getaway. Get away from the mass tourism in Europe and spend your days in the Indian Bush with the likes of elephant, tigers and wild dogs before relaxing at luxurious hotelsin bandhavgarh with delicious cuisine listening to the call of the wild. Enjoy candle light and bush dinners in total seclusion, action packed activities all on your safari holiday.

All Indian States have a sense of magic and mystery about them so it can be hard to choose a perfect destination. Madhya Pradesh’s Bandhavgarh National Park is a great place for a romantic getaway; being the home of the great Bengal Tiger, wildlife is in abundance, activities can be tailored to suit couples, and the accommodation offered is comfortable, an ideal setting for a wildlife safari. Combine this with a trip to the capital city of the mighty Bundelkhand Empire, Orchha which is known for its elegant architecture and its distinctive sequential development of domes, pillars, arches and ledges, the famous landmark example is the Jehangir Mahal, the Laxminarayan Temple. Khajuraho, is highly recommended for a honeymoon due to its erotic sculptures which have made it world famous. It is a World heritage site famous for temples built by the Chandela rulers around the 10th century. The country is extremely remote, the wildlife is rich and the pure variety of scenery makes it ideal for a unique honeymoon.

Perhaps you have children and you'd like them to come with you and celebrate? This is not a problem. Many cities in Madhya Pradesh accommodate for children providing spacious and comfortable camps and lodges that have helpful staff and dish up delicious food. You can participate in game drives and all of the other activities arranged for Wildlife Safaris, and your children can learn more about nature and wildlife with the help of a naturalist.